Today we mark a new milestone in our history. A new chapter in our business. Part of our mission to bring more comfort and joy in your lives. A new avenue to provide solutions to one of the most pressing challenges of home decoration and design.

Welcome to Blanc, a specialised brand for sanitary ware and interior design solutions by Veligaa Hardware. The idea behind Blanc is to provide you everything necessary to create comfortable, clean and beautiful spaces. Durable, functional and affordable solutions for a pleasant home experience.

Our solutions range from bathroom solutions to kitchen faucets, home and industrial lightings. You can experience the latest design and innovations of interior decoration developed by world renowned brands such as VRH in our showroom. Over the past 10 years, we have been working with several international brands to bring durable, affordable and suitable products for Maldivian homes, hotels and resorts.

We believe the change in lifestyle and growing scarcity of space is a major challenge for designing beautiful homes in the Maldives. Keeping in mind these challenges, a special emphasis was given in selecting products that fit into the requirements of the majority of homes. Our products are screened for functionality, installation, cost effectiveness and elegance in small spaces.

We understand that buying products for your home is an intimate decision, and you should have the complete knowledge on their functions, use and installation. Our showroom is designed to address these specific issues, by providing the best possible display of products with detailed information. Our staff are well trained to provide you with practical and technical guidance on usage and functionality.

We hope you find new inspirations for your home in our store.

Create your own world.



Veligaa Hardware

Like every successful business, the story of Veligaa Hardware is also very much the story of the founder. Focus on serving a wide variety of customers, while understanding their differences. Continuously innovating the service offering and the product range to the changes of the time. It is a culture built on such fundamental values, principles we adhere to in all aspects of our business from the day we started.

The growth in customer numbers, size of operation and offerings has grown exponentially over the years. An unknown brand has now expanded to every major trading area in the capital and is set to grow even further by the end of the year. In addition to the services, we are currently serving leading businesses in all the major economic sectors, most notably tourism and construction.

Today there are 5 outlets in the capital serving different market segments at each location with over 150 employees round the clock. And more outlets are on the way at different locations.